Flowing Gel System


Designed to Excel Where Precision Meets Efficiency

PERMOLEAN™, with its precision-controlled molecular weight, boasts a unique characteristic: it is intentionally engineered not to penetrate the matrix. This specialized flowing gel is purpose-built for tackling reservoir challenges where traditional matrix penetration isn't required.

Our PERMOLEAN™ treatments are versatile solutions, suitable for both injectors and producers, particularly effective in cases where high water cut results from fissure-dominated production. The key to PERMOLEAN's success lies in the choice of suitable molecular weight polymers, which significantly limit leakoff into the matrix, ensuring a higher viscosity per polymer concentration.

In the treatment process, crosslinking occurs early, further enhancing leakoff reduction and elevating fissure penetration efficiency. This crosslinked material takes the form of a flowing gel, specifically engineered to retain its ability to penetrate natural fractures.


Precision-Engineered PERMOLEAN™ Treatments Through Temperature and Polymer Chain Mastery

Discover the impressive temperature range of PERMOLEAN™ treatments, where precision and performance converge. These treatments shine in diverse environments, comfortably accommodating bottomhole static temperatures (BHSTs) spanning from 60 to 200°F (16 to 93°C).

One of the hallmarks of PERMOLEAN™ lies in its low matrix leakoff losses. This is made possible by the carefully chosen proper molecular weight polymer, which, especially when partially or fully crosslinked, significantly curtails matrix leakoff. This breakthrough ensures that your reservoir remains efficiently controlled, offering unparalleled precision in managing fluid movement.

PERMOLEAN™ not only excels in temperature adaptability but also provides a robust solution for minimizing matrix-related challenges.


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