Covid-19 becomes the most serious

Covid-19 becomes the most serious problem over the world

Our employees, customers and community health and safety is the utmost priority of us. In order to response to the unstable ongoing situation during coronavirus(covid-19), we have taken actions to assure the health and safety of our employees and customers.

Covid-19 extenuation

Our response to the Covid-19 starts in January 2020, when we become aware of this outbreaking situation spreads through China. DOSAS HSE team began their researches by communicating with health care professionals and observing the information from the World Health Organization (WHO) and Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). All our crisis management team, including the QHSE, security, management, supply chain, R&D, and sales become activated and take actions to:

  • Make proper decisions to assure the health and safety of our employees
  • Observing threats to our business processes and eliminate where is possible
  • Creating and modify required regulations

Employee safety

We have set up our safety plans and procedures based on World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines and recommendations to control the spread of the virus. We have proved new guidance to assure serving our customer’s needs during controlling the spread of infection at our sites and offices, so we have taken several actions, including:

  • Restricting international travel to business critical only
  • self-quarantine measures for employees at risk of exposure
  • Limiting access to our sites
  • Improving and more frequently cleansing services at all facilities
  • Encouraging employees to practice social distancing, proper handwashing and hygiene practices
  • Enable remote work for requiring employees

Minimize operational disruption

Our crisis management team is observing the situation and we are working to eliminate the impact of Covid-19 may have on our daily business processes. Our communicating team with customers are using remote and other communication technologies to deliver support and services. We are taking measures in the significantly affected countries to observing processes in our facilities and manufacturing.

Information sharing

Through our crisis communication strategies, we keep our employees informed of the latest updated information of the pandemic and how they affect the operations. Based on our communication strategy,

  • International communications, such as email and social media as applicable
  • Response toolkits for our working force and customers
  • Digital signage within our facilities
  • The latest updated information from World Health Organization (WHO), and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) through screen savers