Fluid Separation

Enhanced Productivity Through Optimized Fluid Separation

Fluid Separation

Improving Asset Value, Attaining Complete Fluid Separation

Fluid Separation is regarded as the actions taken in order to maintain the quality of oil, water and gas at the highest level, hence maximizing production yield. DOSAS employs chemistry in order to present innovative and high-performance products to facilitate gas or water separation from crude oil.

We offer highly-efficient chemistry lines of demulsifies, and clarifiers to resolve water-oil and oil-water emulsions, effectually and rapidly, while fulfilling production requirements, and minimizing operational costs.

DOSAS provides best-in-class foam treating agents to restrict oil carry over in three-phase separator and gas treating units giving rise to gas production efficiency enhancement, safety guarantee, and reduction processing expenses.

Advanced Oilfield Separating Additives

Our additives are capable of treating utmost yield, lowest cost and highest compatibility with other present chemicals in system.