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    Foam Control

    Why use silicone-based antifoams for Oil and Gas applications?

    Silicone-based technology is an effective way to maintain control over unwanted foam build-up in all major manufacturing processes within the petroleum industry due to their low surface tension, insolubility in the foaming medium, positive penetration coefficient, and positive spreading coefficient.
    Silicones are especially effective for foam control – both as antifoams that prevent foam from forming and as defoamers that react to foam and help minimize it. Due to their superior properties and wide range of applications, DOSAS antifoams can be utilized in numerous applications from the initial drilling through to the final products.


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    One of the challenges in Oil and Gas processing is the foaming experienced in both refinery and natural gas processing facilities. This problem is usually the result of contaminants entering or forming in the system such as hydrocarbons, particulates, surfactants, or inappropriate operating conditions. DOSAS with its innovative FoamSoal™ Antifoam agents can eliminate unwanted foam in Oil and Gas processes and bring you value..