FoamSoal™ S100 Antifoam

Silicone-Based antifoam provides effective and long-lasting foam control in production processes

FoamSoal™ S100 Antifoam

FoamSoal™ S100 Antifoam is an anhydrous antifoam compound designed for the alkaline conditions encountered in amine scrubbing

Despite the fact that current antifoams have a wide range of applications in various industries, many formulations are not suitable for gas-treating uses and can literally worsen the problem. Based on our extensive experience in commercial applications, DOSAS has developed a series of state-of-the-art antifoams specifically designed for gas sweetening processes.

  • Performance Highlights
  • Typical Properties
  • Technical Documents
  • Benefits & Applications

Performance Highlights

Typical Properties

Typical Properties

FoamSoal™ S100 Antifoam is a silicone-based antifoam with a small chain length which leads to easier incorporation in the foaming system. It is 100% active concentrate for dosing in front of the charge pump.

  • Appearance
  • Density
  • Dynamic Viscosity
  • Slightly Opaque Colorless
  • 1 g/cm³
  • 800 - 4000 mPa.s

Technical Documents

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Due to their superior properties and wide range of applications, DOSAS antifoams can be utilized in numerous applications from the initial drilling through to the final products.

Benefits & Applications

  • Gas sweetening/ Amine treating
  • Cement Slurry
  • Asphalt processing
  • Sulfolane process
  • Alkaline Resistance
  • Easier Handling

      FoamSoal™ S100 Antifoam