DosTreat™ I-20 Scale Inhibitor

Phosphonates end-capped environmentally acceptable polymer

DosTreat™ I-20 Scale Inhibitor

End-Capped Phosphonated Polymer with
Maximum Adsorption Efficiency on Crystal Surface

Squeeze scale inhibitors present a significant challenge in achieving optimal inhibitor retention and effective delivery to the target zone. DosTreat™ I-20 stands as a beacon of innovation, addressing the intricate factors that govern inhibitor retention and release:

Precise Calcite Dissolution: DosTreat™ I-20's formula strategically hinders calcite dissolution, allowing for extended inhibitor-induced surface poisoning. This ensures a sustained inhibitor presence and curbs further calcite dissolution.

Enhanced Carboate Control: The inhibitor's formulation restricts the release of base carboate ions into the aqueous solution, maintaining a controlled and favorable environment for scale inhibition.

Acidic Inhibitor Precipitates: DosTreat™ I-20 initiates the formation of acidic inhibitor precipitates, minimizing phase transformation and maturation. This targeted approach contributes to prolonged inhibitor effectiveness.

Crystalline Inhibitor Dissolution: The inhibitor's composition addresses the dissolution of less soluble crystalline inhibitor precipitates, promoting consistent performance over time.

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Performance Highlights

Effective & Long-lasting
Scale Prevention

This high adsorption capability allows the scale inhibitor to effectively bind to mineral surfaces, disrupting the growth of scale crystals and preventing their deposition. The superior adsorption properties of this product contribute to its enhanced scale inhibition performance, providing reliable and efficient protection against scale formation in oilfield operations.

Typical Properties


Dostreat™ I-20, exhibits a range of characteristic properties that make it indispensable in effectively combating scale formation across various industrial applications.

  • Appearance
  • pH
  • Liquid
  • 2-4

Technical Documents


DOSAS' broad portfolio of DosTreat scale inhibitors control the deposition of scales across a wide range of operating environments, lowering the risk to production and extending the life of the field.

DosTreat™ Scale Inhibitor Solutions
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Benefits & Application

  • Effective in HPHT conditions
  • Extended squeeze lifetimes
  • Best-in-class environmental performance
  • Squeeze treatment
  • Subsea flowlines
  • Topside

      DosTreat™ I-20 Scale Inhibitor