Cleaning Solution

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Cleaning Solution

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Industrial care products such as cleaning agents include a blend of surfactants and solvents which prevent the creation and cumulation of dirt, grime, residue, mineral oil, sludge, grease, heavy crude, water scale, and water- or oil-based drilling fluid on hard surfaces and industrial equipment.
When it comes to hard surface cleaning this commercial cleaner is an extremely versatile general-purpose, quick-acting cleaning chemical that removes stubborn dirt and heavy grease from floors, walls, tanks, pipelines, rigs, and other hard surfaces.
Our industrial maintenance cleaners facilitate the cleaning of chains, gears, electro-valves, transmissions or hydraulic gears, heat exchangers, water cooling systems, engines, filters, etc. contributing to correct maintenance.

Cleaning Surfactant

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DOSAS Cleaning Agents are major players in industrial cleaning. We offer innovative and tailored solutions that allow our clients to preserve and maintain their industrial tools and optimize their production. DOSAS also identifies business opportunities and grows profitability.